About Popular Blood Bank

Popular Blood Bank is a place for collecting, screening, typing, processing, and storing whole blood, packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelet concentrate, gathered as a result of blood donation, preserved for patient use in this hospital and other hospitals on request. Popular Blood Bank, located in basement level of the hospital, is the first government registered hospital blood bank in Dhaka Metropolitan Area. We are committed to keeping pace with the demands of providing 24-hour service by cutting-edge technology and the most secure blood transfusion policy, and we maintain quality in every stride.

Hotline: 09613 787800

Who Can Donate Blood?

Blood donation is not hazardous and it proves to be a healthy habit that helps blood renewal. The volume of whole blood donation is 450 ml, almost 7.5% of the adult blood volume. It is compensated in a short period of time. Eligible healthy donors (age 18 to 60 years, having Hb greater than 12 gm/dl, and weight above 50 kg) can donate 450 ml of blood. Your body can replenish this volume within 24 hours. Males can donate at every 3 months and females can donate at every 4 months if they are free from any disease. Platelet apheresis donor’s age should be within 18 to 60 years, weight more than 50 kg and has not taken the medicine Plavix/Ticlid.for the last 14 days.


  • Not to donate on an empty stomach.
  • A gap of 20-30 minutes is desirable for a meal.
  • Good sleep on the previous night/day.
  • Not to donate if you have fever or taking any antibiotic or aspirin or blood thinner.